SD39 Republican Precinct Caucus 2024_02_27 Graphic.jpg

Every two years, the Republican Party rebuilds from the grassroots up, starting with the Republican Precinct Caucus. We use the caucus system to build our organization. In Senate District 39, we will have thirty separate precinct meetings being held simultaneously. Caucus attendees are seated at a table with their precinct. A precinct is a geographical area that shares one polling location, it is the smallest political area.

All precincts of Senate District 39, including all of the cities of Spring Lake Park, Fridley, Hilltop, Columbia Heights, and Saint Anthony, plus precincts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of New Brighton will meet at:

Fridley High School
6000 West Moore Lake Drive
Fridley, MN 55432
Enter through Entrance #2 on the east side

Spring Lake Park, Fridley, and New Brighton will meet in the Cafeteria.
Columbia Heights and Hilltop
will meet in the Media Center.
Saint Anthony
will meet in the Lounge Area outside the Media Center.
Parking is available in the east parking lot, on-street parking on West Moore Lake Drive, and the north parking lot.

Doors open to attendees at 6:30 PM
Caucus starts at 7:00 PM
Location available until 9:30 PM

There will be a Caucus Convener to lead the table for the evening and a Caucus Secretary to record the proceedings of the table, including votes that take place. You will also need Tellers to be selected if you need to use ballots for those votes.

Precinct Caucus business includes the election of officers for your precinct, including a chair, vice-chair, and secretary. These precinct officers represent their precinct in SD39 Full Committee meetings, Conventions, and Campaigns. The term for these positions is for two years until the next precinct caucus.

You will also elect Delegates and Alternates to the Senate District 39 Convention. Each precinct is assigned a certain number of delegates, and double the number of alternates, based upon the number of votes for the top of the Republican ticket in the last election, which would be Governor candidate Scott Jensen. Senate District 39 has been assigned a total of 157 delegates and 314 alternates. The term for delegates and alternates is for two years until the next precinct caucus.

Finally, this is your opportunity to submit Party Platform Resolutions. Your precinct will vote on them, and those that pass will be forwarded to the Senate District 39 Convention.